Data visualization and dynamic business intelligence for the iPad
by Glimpse I/O

Glimpse: Visual Business Intelligence for the iPad

Visual business intelligence. At your fingertips.
Explore your data. Like never before.
Take charge. It’s your data, after all.
Flexible formats. Import from wherever.
Private & secure. No hassles.
Presentable. Dazzlingly so.

Glimpse is a stand-alone app. It requires no account registration or sign up with third parties. Your data stays on your device, private and protected by your iPad’s encryption.

So you’ve unlocked the hidden secrets of your data. Now what? Go full-screen and project your data to your Apple TV, or print it to PDF or PNG. Or mail it to your colleagues. Or Tweet it to the world!

Import your data from Excel (‘97 and higher) or Numbers (2009 and higher), comma separated values, or just by pasting formatted data from the clipboard.

Tired of having to go through intermediaries to prepare your reports? Join the self-service mobile business intelligence revolution and take charge of your data.

Quickly form new insights, identify patterns, and find outliers by visually delving into your data.

Play your data like an instrument by transforming static rows and columns of numbers and text into dynamic and colorful graphical visualizations.

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