Data visualization made simple

Glimpse is a native macOS app that helps people visualize, see and understand analytics. With any data, from anywhere, you can bring your data story to life in a few steps.

Hero Screen

Features that bring data to life

Native Native


Glimpse is a native mac app built and designed with utmost attention, down to the last detail. It gives you the possibility to work on your data anywhere in any situation. No wi-fi needed.
Gorgeous Gorgeous


Style and aesthetics are what your users will see first. Glimpse lets you style your data visualizations the way you want with tools such as, color palettes, custom fonts, flexible components, and more.
Interactive Interactive


Say goodbye to static & pixelated graphic charts. Glimpse leverages the power of HTML5 and lets you create fully-interactive, responsive pages and embed them on your website, blog, or an internal CMS.
Safe Safe


Anything that you can do in Glimpse, you can un-do. You can play around with data with a peace of mind – all your decisions can be undone. What’s more, Glimpse also saves versions of your work, allowing you to go back to previous revisions.
Secure Secure


Glimpse stores your data and visualization work on your own device, free from the cloud's security and data locality concerns. Your data and research remain safe & secure unless you choose to share them.
Accessible Accessible


Glimpse is powered by accessibility tools that keep all your data visualizations not only pretty but also perfectly in line with WAI-ARIA accessibility guidelines as well as A11y requirements.
Sophisticated Sophisticated


Glimpse uses the principles of Semiology of Graphics powered by the open-source Vega visualization kernel. Create novel visualizations that will stand out for their uniqueness and aesthetics. No more to rigid chart templating wizards.
Fast Fast


Glimpse uses the latest in-memory column storage techniques so that you can access and make changes to your data anytime. The changes you make are visible right away.
Exportable Exportable


As soon as you’re done working on your data, you can export it to several file formats, such as SVG, PDF, PNG, and a responsive single-page HTML5 file. You’re not locked into a single workflow.