Fast, native, intuitive database management for macOS

Download Version 1.0b4 for macOS 10.13+

Designed from the ground-up to be fast and efficient, Splice combines the power and flexibility of enterprise-class database tools with the speed and elegance of a truly native Mac app. Splice supports numerous databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS Access.

Native UI

Splice was built from the ground up for macOS High Sierra, with support for all the UI niceties that come with a pure Cocoa app.

Fast & Efficient

Your computer's resources are limited, as is your time. Splice makes connecting and querying your databases lean and speedy.

Made for Humans

So many data management tools are a mess of buttons and options, with basic operations taking multiple clicks through a series of forms. Splice makes the common tasks simple and intuitive.

Filter Editor

Our filter editor lets you build up nested queries using the same predicate editor found in other macOS apps. Complex queries can be created using point-and-click, with no SQL required.

Syntax-Highlighting SQL

For those who want or need custom SQL, Splice's editor includes syntax highlighting and local history.

Copy & Export

Individual rows or entire tables can be copied to the system clipboard, or exported to a variety of formats, including JSON, SQL, CSV, and TSV.

Database Support

Splice comes in with built-in support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, and more.

Bring Your Own Driver

Splice is able to create connections using any JDBC-compliant database driver, so you aren't limited to our built-in connectors. Most databases have free JDBC drivers available for download.

Future Connectors

We are always looking to add more built-in connectors to the product! Drop us a line or make an enhancement request to talk about adding your favorite database.

Bookmarks & History

Splice remembers the queries you have issued, so go back and forth in your history just like a web browser. Additionally, queries can be bookmarked and saved on a per-connection basis.

Transaction Support

Transactions can be created, committed or rolled back, enabling you to batch togther multiple edits into a single atomic operation.

Dark Mode

No modern Cocoa app would be complete without a sleek dark mode! Enable dark more in the app preferences for an “After Hours” experience.


When will Splice be available?

Splice should be available in Q3 2018.

How much will Splice cost?

We haven’t yet decided final pricing for Splice, but we anticipate it will be in the $40 USD range, with a free option for certain databases.

What happens when the bea expires?

We will be publishing new betas weekly, so you can always check for updates in the app’s “Activation” preference tab, or by coming back to this page.

Where do I report bugs and make feature requests?

We have set up a Github Issue Tracker specifically for Splice bugs and features.

Can I talk to a human?

You can always drop us a line at for one-on-one communication.

How does Splice use JDBC Drivers?

Splice is a native sandboxed Cocoa app written in 100% Swift. We embed a stripped-down version of OpenJDK 10 in order to connect to JDBC drivers. Type 4 JDBC drivers are platform-independent, so they do not suffer from the paucity of ODBC drivers available for macOS.

How can I connect using my own Driver?

Select the “Data” menu then hold down the “Option” (alt) key and select the “Data Sources” item to list all the experimental drivers. You can then select “JDBC Driver”, and then click the folder icon to browse to your JDBC driver jar file. You will need to manually specify the complete JDBC driver class name and connection URL, which you should be able to find by consulting the driver’s documentation.