Pie Chart & Donut Chart

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw both a Pie Chart and a Donut Chart in Glimpse. These kind of charts are meant to visualize part-to-a-whole relationships.

Open the Data Grid from the bottom of the window and add the data from the table below. You can simply copy and paste the data into it.

Category Values
A 40
B 30
C 15
D 10
E 5

Then, under Viz > Mark in the Inspector panel, set the Mark type to Arc.


Drag the field Value into the Angle encoding, which should be set as a Quantitative Measure.


Next, drag the field Category into the Color encoding, which should be set as a Nominal Measure.


Donut Chart

Converting a Pie Chart into a Donut Chart by adding a gap to the center can be done by going Visual > Mark > Orient > Radius and entering in a value into either End or Inner. For the example below, 200 pt was entered in:


This concludes this tutorial on drawing a Pie Chart or a Donut Chart. If you want to further customize your chart, please read the documentation.