Change Bar Chart

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a Change Bar Chart in Glimpse. Change Bar Charts are used to display both positive and negative change between periods. In this tutorial, we will visualize the income inequality across 22 countries between 1980 and 2017.

First, start by adding data from the table below into Glimpse. Open the Data Grid from the bottom of the UI and simply copy-and-paste the data.

Country Top 1% share 1980 Top 1% share 2017
Russia 3 20
US 11 20
UK 6 14
China 6 14
Canada 9 14
Taiwan 6 11
Sweden 4 9
Australia 5 9
S. Korea 7 11
Ireland 7 11
Singapore 11 14
Norway 5 8
Finland 4 7
France 8 11
Italy 7 9
New Zealand 6 8
Germany 11 13
Switzerland 8 11
Japan 8 10
Spain 8 9
Denmark 5 6
Netherlands 6 6

Then, go to the Inspector panel that’s to the right side of the app and go to Visual > Mark. Set the Mark Type to Rule.


Go to the Outline panel to the left side of the UI. Drag the Top 1% share 2017 Field into the X encoding and Top 1% share 1980 Field into the X2 encoding. If you accidentally drop a Field into a wrong encoding channel, simply drag it back to the Outline panel.

Go back to the Inspector panel and switch the Title toggle off. That way, the titles below and next to the chart will disappear.


Then, drag the nominal field Country into the Y encoding channel and switch off Title in the Inspector panel.


Let’s make the lines on the chart thicker. In to the Inspector panel, go to Visual > Mark. Expand the Stroke section and set the Width to 4 pt.


To add the arrowheads, switch the Point Overlay toggle on.


To change the shape of the arrowheads, expand Contents in Point Overlay. Click on the white rectangle next to Shape and select the triangle-right.


To make the arrowheads bigger, expand the size Size section and change the size to 12 pt.


To change the color of the arrowheads, go to Color and select any color you want.


Done! This is how you draw a Change Bar Chart in Glimpse. If you want to further customize your chart, please read the documentation.