Area Graph

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to draw a Area Graph in Glimpse to visualize the unemployment rate average over time.

First, add in the data by going Data > Sample Data > unemployment-across-industries.json from the top menu.

Then, under Viz > Mark in the Inspector panel, set the Mark type to Area.


Drag the date field into the X encoding (make sure the Measure is set to Temporal). This will set the timescale X-axis.


After, drag the quantitative field rate into the Y encoding and in the Inspector panel, set the Aggregate to Average to set the value scale Y-axis.


To improve the appearance of the Area Graph to have a line overlay with a semi-transparent fill, in the Inspector panel go Viz > Mark and activate Line Overlay.


This concludes this tutorial on drawing a Area Graph. If you want to further customize your chart, please read the documentation.