Data visualization made simple

Glimpse helps people visualize, see and understand analytics. With any data, from anywhere, you can bring your data story to life in a few steps.

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Features that bring data to life

Native Native


Native tools are simply better. Glimpse is written in modern Swift and conforms to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines with full support for all the features that only a true Macintosh app can offer. It will feel immediately familiar to any user of macOS.
Gorgeous Gorgeous


Style and aesthetics should not be an afterthought in data visualization. Glimpse presents infinite styling possibilities: color palettes, embedded custom fonts, and complete control over the arrangement of all the components of your data's visual representation.
Interactive Interactive


Static & pixelated chart graphics are a thing of the past. Glimpse's single-page HTML5 export creates rich, interactive, and responsive pages that can be embedded directly on web sites, blog postings, or internal content management systems.
Safe Safe


Anything that you can do in Glimpse, you can un-do. Experiment with abandon, safe in the knowledge that all your decisions can be reverted if you decide to explore another path. In addition to full undo & redo support, Glimpse also supports the native Macintosh Versions feature, so previous revisions can be browsed and restored.
Secure Secure


Glimpse stores your data and visualization work on your own device, free from the cloud's security and data locality concerns. Your data and research remain safe & secure unless you choose to share them.
Accessible Accessible


Designing for accessibility is a core focus of our development process. “Visual” communication is not just for the sighted anymore. Visualizations created by Glimpse conform to the WAI-ARIA accessibility guidelines, and we are committed to visu#a11y.
Sophisticated Sophisticated


Glimpse eschews rigid chart templating wizards, and instead utilizes a principled Grammar of Graphics (Sémiologie Graphique) powered by the open-source Vega visualization kernel. Visual encoding channels enable you to create novel visualizations that will stand out for their uniqueness and aesthetics.
Fast Fast


Glimpse uses the latest in-memory column storage techniques, keeping your data resident in memory for immediate access. Changes to your data or transformations are shown instantaneously without performing any file or network access.
Exportable Exportable


As well as exporting to a responsive single-page HTML5 file, Glimpse also supports exporting to SVG (for post-processing in vector editors like Sketch or Illustrator), PDF (for inclusion in reports & research papers), and PNG (for embedding or sharing basic images). Using open and available formats means you, and your data, are not locked into a single rigid workflow.